Trust Payments Announces Expansion To Cyprus

Published in Gold News

Trust Payments, the disruptive leader in fintech specialising in frictionless payments and value-added services for SMEs, is delighted to announce the opening of its Cyprus office.

The new office accelerates Trust Payments’ continued growth, enabling the organisation to build on its extensive list of foreign exchange (forex) clients and partners. Local staff will help to provide customer service and operational support teams to drive unique end-to-end solutions in the sector.

Trust Payments will use the new office to spearhead the creation of an EU and US payment ecosystem for the global forex market and offering innovative payment methods in crypto. The decision to expand Trust Payments’ financial services solutions to the island was a result of the company’s strategy to meet more forex clients in person and build better business relationships.

Forex merchants based in Cyprus will benefit from easy access to innovative pay-in and pay-out solutions for individuals who trade on any forex platform. By facilitating payments and ensuring that merchants can receive settlements quickly and securely, any EU, US and EEA forex brokerage activities can be executed and set up seamlessly.

“Investing in Cyprus to support our merchants and offering local expertise is important for Trust Payments and will enable us to service our global merchants better,” says Steve Ford, Head of Sales, Trust Payments.

”Cyprus is a major hub for Forex. With many of our current merchants, as well as EU and EEA regulated companies being on the island, this new office enables us to meet both current and future merchants face-to-face discussing new innovative payments methods in crypto and bank transfers to drive Converged Commerce™. We are looking forward to building stronger relationships and using our expertise to help them grow in a very tough market,” adds Luke Hinchliffe, Senior Sales Manager, Trust Payments.

With this expansion, Trust Payments continues to support the financial services sector to drive improved operational support and payment competitor advantage for existing and new clients in this sector.