Relocate your Business to Cyprus
Relocate your Business to Cyprus

Why Cyprus

Your trusted international business & financial center within the EU

When it comes to choosing the right location to establish international and regional headquarters, set up back offices, service centers or development centers, Cyprus is increasingly gaining momentum as a prime contender in the minds of decision makers of multinationals.

Relocation Highlights

Geostrategic location with market access to 500M EU consumers with close proximity to MENA region

Access to tech-savvy EU and international talent pool

Well-educated, highly skilled, multilingual workforce

Revised Immigration policy for non-EU tech professionals

Business Facilitation Unit

Attractive corporate & income tax regime

Favorable IP regime as low as 2.5%

Regulatory framework aligned with the EU

Reduced Naturalization for non-EU nationals

Legal system aligned to UK Common Law

Enviable lifestyle in a safe clean and healthy environment

Low cost of doing business

New Government Incentives for Third Country Nationals (TCNs)

Temporary Work and Residence Permits of up to 3 years for TCN employees (renewable upon expiry)


Possibility for support staff to relocate under certain conditions


Simplification of the application process for Permanent / Long Term Residence for employment purposes
Free access to the labor  market for spouses of highly skilled TCN employees earning at least a gross salary of €2,500/month



Digital Nomad Visa for TCN individuals for a period of up to 3 years
Tax exemption of 50% for new non domiciled employees with employment remuneration of ≥ €55.000 (valid for 17 years)

Eligible Companies

  • 1 Companies of foreign interest operating in the republic of Cyprus
  • 2 Shipping companies
  • 3 High-tech / Innovation companies
  • 4 Pharmaceutical / biotechnology
  • 5 Public companies registered on any recognized stock exchange

What we can do for you

We provide hands-on support with

  • 1 Location selection process
  • 2 Setting up a business in Cyprus
  • 3 Relocation of family members & staff
  • 4 Facilitation of newcomers
  • 5 Aftercare services for existing investors

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