Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Innovative research, a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, a highly educated and experienced pool of human talent and a range of incentives and development programs and grants render Cyprus a perfect choice to start and scale companies. The strong IP Box Regime and the Cyprus Startup Visa Scheme which allows talented entrepreneurs from countries outside the EU and the European Economic Area to be granted working permission to establish startups in the country, attract world-class innovation-based ideas and successful startups. Startups and SMEs promoting entrepreneurship and innovation can also be benefited by the tax incentives provided by the Government for those individuals investing in those companies.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • 1 Up to 2.5% tax rate for technology companies producing Intellectual Property (IP Box Regime)
  • 2 50% tax exemption on annual taxable income for individual investing in innovative start-up companies with an annual limit of €150,000
  • 3 Global Innovation Index 29 out of 131 in 2020

What we can do for you

We provide hands-on support with

  • 1 Location selection process
  • 2 Setting up a business in Cyprus
  • 3 Relocation of family members & staff
  • 4 Facilitation of newcomers
  • 5 Aftercare services for existing investors

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