Higher Education
Higher Education

Higher Education

Cyprus offers a large variety of advanced and fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs, at affordable costs. With a booming Higher Education sector comprised of three public and seven private universities and more than 40 public and private higher education institutions enjoying international academic and scientific recognition, the island attracts thousands of international students every year. Research is widely supported within academic institutions, with Cyprus holding the highest absorption rate of EU research grants.

Higher Education

Key facts

  • 1 Cyprus ranks 1st in the region with the highest number of ranked institutions per 1M population (2021 QS World University Rankings for EECA)
  • 2 Growth of 55.4% in TNE Cyprus, with Cyprus becoming the leading nation worldwide in postgraduate UK TTE (UKKi TNE report 2018-2019)
  • 3 3 local universities among Top 4% of universities in the world (THE University Rankings)
  • 4 58% of the population aged 30-34 has a tertiary education degree well above the EU average of 41% (Eurostat)

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