Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is an appealing relocation destination for expats and their families.

The country has a captivating climate and lifestyle, with year-round sunshine, unique natural landscapes, a rich and diverse culture and history, enabling a wealth of style choices for every aspiration and taste.

High quality healthcare is provided through the National Healthcare System, while a well-established education sector ensures excellence in learning through multilingual internationally-recognized programs from kindergarten all the way to university.

Cyprus has established a strong reputation as an attractive destination for corporate relocation and headquartering. Cyprus residents benefit from its low cost of living, one of the lowest among Western European countries, along with highly competitive residential property prices.

The island offers expats and their families an enviable lifestyle in the most safe and vibrant setting, harmoniously blending traditional and contemporary elements, while providing the perfect combination to enjoy life, as well as a great work-life balance.

Living in Cyprus

Safest country rankings

Cyprus tops the charts being amongst the top 5 safest countries in the world and stands out as the safest country for the young people out of 184 countries according to the data published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Culture, history, arts

Cyprus is an island with a rich history, heritage, and culture, harmoniously blending influences from both Eastern and Western civilizations, going back more than 10,000 years, and has developed from a stone-age settlement to a modern and thriving European Union State.

Living in Cyprus

Vibrant cities, tranquil countryside

Cyprus offers its residents the choice to enjoy a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle in multicultural cities or to embrace a more peaceful and relaxing way of life while living in picturesque villages in the countryside.

Fluency in English

As a country, formerly under the British rule until 1960, English is widely spoken on the island with around 75% of the local population being able to communicate in English fluently, whilst the business community as well as the public sector, have widely adopted the use of the English language.

Living in Cyprus
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Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters

Cyprus has been awarded 69 Blue Flag beaches, the highest per capita award in the EU (Eurostat), and has been consistently ranked for its crystal-clear waters and excellent water quality within the EU, receiving a perfect score of 100% at 112 swimming spots around the island according to the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) latest report.

Unique natural landscapes

Nature lovers can explore a vast variety of unique landscapes and flora, comprised of large open bays, breathtaking cliffs, beautiful unexplored sea caves, and sandy beaches, while charming vineyards are adjacent to impressive mountain ranges covered with pine trees.

Living in Cyprus
Living in Cyprus

Multilingual international education

Cyprus is a world-class educational and research Centre of Excellence with high-quality academic institutions, offering a large variety of fully accredited study programs in English, attracting thousands of international students each year. The country has the highest number of ranked Higher Education institutions per 1mn population in the EECA region (QS World University Rankings), while a vast range of multilingual international schools in all cities, offer American, British, French, and Russian curriculums from pre-primary all the way to secondary education.

First-class healthcare

Quality healthcare is provided both through the National Healthcare System, as well as private healthcare facilities with state-of-the-art medical services, that offer the highest quality in patient care, while the country has been ranked 21st out of 169 countries in the latest Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index.

Living in Cyprus
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Competitive cost of living

Cyprus secures a very competitive 36th place in the Numbeo Cost of Living Index by Country 2020, offering expats a very attractive relocation destination in terms of enjoying a high-quality lifestyle at a very affordable cost for housing, transportation, education, healthcare and leisure.

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