Cyprus has been growing as a technology hub over the recent years, with an increasing number of ICT companies setting up their regional headquarters in the country or treating Cyprus as their hub for software development, systems integration, testing services, research and development and back offices. With a strong local talent pool and access to the EU and global workforce, Cyprus has seen an increase in the number of ICT employees.

The government in its effort to promote and support the technology sector has introduced several key initiatives and is constantly upgrading the regulatory framework in line with international best practices, while swiftly adapting to innovation & latest technology trends. A comprehensive incentives package, designed for the ICT companies relocating to Cyprus, has been launched which includes attractive benefits such as:

  • Updated Immigration regime allowing the employment of specialized ICT professionals from non-EU countries
  • Tax incentives for individuals relocating to Cyprus
  • Intellectual Property Box Regime
  • Adoption of Business Facilitation Unit

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We provide hands-on support with

  • 1 Location selection process
  • 2 Setting up a business in Cyprus
  • 3 Relocation of family members & staff
  • 4 Facilitation of newcomers
  • 5 Aftercare services for existing investors

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