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13 October 2021

A New Vision for Cyprus Shipping

Shipping is the lifeblood of international trade. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, constant calls for a greener maritime industry and the latest IMO targets, sent shockwaves through global maritime transport and laid the foundations for a major ...
24 June 2021

Dawn of the Financial Super App

Revolut came into the fold to usher in a new era for banking but, six years later, the fintech is licensed to operate as a traditional bank. ...
24 June 2021

Changing the Face of Cyprus

Natasa Pilides, Minister of Energy, Commerce & Industry, discusses the green ideas that will receive the lion’s share of public funding in Cyprus’ effort to help head off a catastrophic rise in global temperatures, details the efforts being made to remove ...
24 June 2021

Game On!

The rise of the mobile gaming industry has gone hand-in-hand with innovative advancements in technology, from the creation of App stores to the forthcoming adoption of 5G. ...
24 June 2021

Cyprus Can Become an East Med Economic Hub

With Brexit finally achieved and COVID-19 seemingly under control, the UK is now preparing to benefit from a predicted fast return to economic growth. ...
24 June 2021

Towardsa Clean and Green Future

The big winners in the global economy will be the countries that move decisively to invest in clean, renewable energy sources. In this exclusive interview, the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, explains ...
24 June 2021

Attracting– and Celebrating – FDI in Cyprus

Since their launch in 2012, the annual International Investment Awards, organised by Invest Cyprus (formerly CIPA) and hosted by GOLD magazine, have become the most prestigious and high-profile official expression of thanks and appreciation to the ...
16 June 2021

Invest Cyprus welcomes French Software development giant Murex’s decision to relocate some operations to the island

14 May 2021

Purple Unicorns and Gaming Brush Bristles

Jeremy Ballenger, Head of Analytics at Wargaming, talks about how the developer broke the mould in the global gaming industry by moving from spreadsheets to business intelligence and how the ability to understand its players’ choices has ...