Microsoft’s Paris Savva: The Technologies Businesses Should Focus On

Microsoft’s Paris Savva: The Technologies Businesses Should Focus On

Paris Savva, Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft Cyprus & Malta has revealed what he considers to be the technologies businesses should place emphasis on, noting that nowadays technology and businesses could not exist without each other.

In an interview with InBusinessNews, Savva noted that however good a businessman someone was, it was difficult for them to truly stand out without using technology. Likewise, an entrepreneur also requires business sense to succeed even if they excel at technology.

Savva underlined that the advantages provided by technology were no longer the sole privilege of large organisations while Cyprus is also closing the gap between the public and private sectors when it comes to the use technology.

According to Microsoft’s Channel Manager, Cyprus has taken significant steps forward on issues of digital transformation. “Cyprus has changed and we are seeing innovative ideas, both in the private sector as well as the public,” he noted.

Amongst other things, Savva said, “We have noticed that over recent years many businesses in Cyprus have already begun their Digital Transformation. The pandemic has sped up this process to a degree that we are now talking about Digital Acceleration. This has had multiple benefits since companies have found new ways to grow, increasing their sales beyond our shores, predominantly within the European Union, but also globally.”

He added, “Also, the pandemic has pushed the government towards its own Digital Transformation, with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy already carrying out a lot of works within a small timeframe which will make Cypriot citizens’ lives easier while at the same time contributing multiple benefits to society. For example, the Electronic Justice System has helped save time and limit unnecessary movement for all those involved, something that also contributes to a reduction in environmental pollution.”

On how companies could strengthen themselves through technology, Savva said, “A lot of companies have already begun their Digital Transformation, making use of solution for working from home and also adding to or upgrading their sales channels (AppsWebsitesOnline Shops).”

He continued, “Beyond this, technology is developing fast and there is a plethora of solutions beyond the ones I have already mention, such as solutions for education, staff evaluation (HR), customer analysis (CRM), customer support (Chatbots), sales solutions with the use of Artificial Intelligence, and many more.”

On the technological areas he believes businesses should now be focusing onSavva noted that solutions were now financially accessible to companies of all sizes, allowing them all to compete on a more even basis both within their own countries and with overseas businesses.

He elaborated, “In general, it would be good for companies to focus on the following technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Proliferation of 5GDigital AssistanceRemote Work/OnboardingCybersecurityRobotics & AutomationBlockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).”