Invest Cyprus: Overseas Cypriots’ role in promoting Cyprus is very significant

He was addressing the World Conference of Cyprus Diaspora, taking place this week in Nicosia where he also said that the presence of Cypriots in countries where there are Cypriot investments is also very significant.

Speaking on 23 August and referring to Invest Cyprus’ role, Tannousis said it is a state entity responsible for raising awareness of Cyprus as a location for foreign investments across the globe, providing certainty around all aspects of operating a business in Cyprus and supporting potential investors in developing their business case for investment in Cyprus.

In his presentation, Tannousis stated that the organisation has initiated strategic programmes to strengthen its relationships with countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, and South Africa, while events are being planned in cities like London, New York, and others.

He reassured that the organisation is open and always ready to assist investors. “We are the foreign investment house that helps in all matters concerning foreign investors,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the organisation aims to enhance the existing investment framework “to be able to attract more investments,” emphasising that it promotes Cyprus as a location and destination for foreign investments in various sectors.

He stated that despite the pandemic, Cyprus had taken action to ensure that systems were all updated and operated through teleworking. Additionally, webinars were conducted to promote the country to attract capital.

The organisation’s priority pillars, he said, include promoting Cyprus as an international business centre focusing on technology and investments in strategic projects in hospitality and tourism, health, education, renewable energy, and technology.

The long-term vision of Cyprus is to make the island one of the world’s best countries to live, work and do business in. To do so, he added, “We need to be a world-leading model nation, with a thriving and resilient economy and a just, inclusive society.”

All aspects of the vision will be underpinned by cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability, he concluded.