Invest Cyprus and the Government of Cyprus organised a foreign investors’ roundtable

Invest Cyprus and the government of Cyprus invited a selected group of foreign investors comprising key executives from companies that have already established a presence within the country.

This meeting, called “Foreign Investors Roundtable with the President and Government of Cyprus,” aimed to foster an open dialogue and address the concerns of these prominent investors while forging a path toward mutual growth and prosperity.

The gathering served as a platform for the investors to engage in a productive conversation with the government, sharing their insights and expressing their apprehensions. For his part, by extending such a gesture, President Nikos Christodoulides displayed his commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of foreign companies operating in Cyprus. This inclusive approach reflects Cyprus’ ambition to foster an investor-friendly climate, nurturing long-term relationships with international businesses and promoting sustainable economic growth.

Before the meeting, participants expressed their hopes for a transparent and well-defined government agenda, emphasising the need for further support in areas such as energy cost and education programmes while articulating the desire for a fruitful and collaborative dialogue that generates robust solutions for both investors and the country.

The Chairman of Invest Cyprus, Evgenios Evgeniou, said that the roundtable was very constructive and stated that one of the main roles of the organization is to facilitate foreign investment and to seriously consider the suggestions of the investors for the further enhancement of the investment environment which aims towards economic development and job creation.

He thanked the President and the Government for devoting time to foreign investors and the investors for their participation and the constructive discussion.