Former Sodap wine factory location to become multi-faceted IT Quarter

Cyprus-based investor Alexey Gubarev has recently become the owner of the land where Sodap’s wine factory was for over €32 million.

The 38,827 square meters property is located between the port and the marina of Limassol, adjacent to the seashore, with a total frontage of 220 meters.

Alexey Gubarev is envisioning a massive development with multiple-story buildings and other high-specification facilities. It will be a public space on which various objects intended for education, creativity, and cultural pastime will be located. Luxury-sea view apartments and commercial areas such as retail and offices are also planned.

The new space will be named IT Quarter. The territory can be called a city within a city where people can live, create, work, engage in self-development and development of children, and have a great time regardless of the time of year. The architectural concept includes kindergarten, school, museums and galleries, sports facilities, public squares, parks, green zones, etc. Additionally, there is a plan to create a giant public square only for pedestrians with direct access to the sea.

The Sodap property stands as an iconic flagship complex, housing a range of industrial installations since its establishment in 1947. Initially serving as the esteemed headquarters for the Cooperative Organization for the Distribution of Viticultural Products, this historic site holds significant value as one of the region’s crucial industrial heritage landmarks, as noted by the Limassol Chamber of Commerce’s authoritative website.