Ensuring Employee Wellbeing

By Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Group HR Director, Parimatch Tech

Nurturing employee wellbeing is critical to developing workplace resilience. Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how employees feel about their work, and the working environment they need to operate in. Parimatch Tech was included in the “Europe’s Best Workplaces 2021” list and has won many HR brand awards, including awards for excellence in facilitating Workplace Wellbeing and Work-life balance.


Today’s employees are looking for a lot more from their employer beyond their salary; they want to be treated as individuals and they expect their employer to understand their wellbeing needs. A health and wellbeing strategy can help to increase employee engagement, create a more fulfilling place to work as well as helping to recruit and retain staff. However, many companies implement wellbeing initiatives in an ad hoc way without considering their workforce’s needs, what might be most effective and what is suitable for their industry. This can mean that the strategy is not cohesive, nor is it easy to evaluate, evolve and improve upon. In practice, this translates into all the policies, activities, and best practices that aim to improve an employee’s health, be it physical or mental. While the traditional outlook on wellbeing was to ensure that employees had access to medical care, today’s workspace focuses on how wellbeing programs help a person feel happy and stay healthy.


Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing can be put into multiple categories. These types of wellbeing can help employers determine the kinds of benefits they offer to employees. By including a variety of benefits, they will approach employee wellbeing more holistically and optimize the health of all their employees.


Financial wellbeing

One of the most neglected aspects of employee wellbeing is financial wellbeing. Employees’ sense of security and their feeling of having enough money to meet their needs affects their wellbeing and, by extension, their everyday performance at work. This was best seen in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which 54% of employees were mostly worried about their job security. The possibility of losing their financial means severely impacted employee wellbeing, thus affecting their overall focus and productivity.


Mental wellbeing

Nowadays, stress is an overwhelming factor in all our lives. A lot of it can come from the workplace, but even if it does not, it still affects employee performance. Mental wellbeing as a part of employee wellbeing takes into consideration stress, burnout or any other feeling of unease in employees. Mental health benefits, or a company culture in which mental health is openly discussed, can equip employees with the means to take care of their psychological soundness. In turn, employees will take fewer sick days and overall perform better on the job.


Physical wellbeing

As the most traditional part of employee wellbeing, physical wellbeing encompasses prevention or curing physical illnesses. For example, many companies offer fitness incentives or gym memberships to their employees in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent the development of multiple illnesses. At Parimatch Tech, people feel supported and there are many projects, policies and practices that help to continually improve their wellbeing. Parimatch Tech members are more than just people doing a job; they’re like-minded people doing a job they love. The referral programme is also a pleasant bonus and an incentive to invite a friend to join the company.

The following list presents the benefits of working at Parimatch Tech, which are, at the same time, key practices for facilitating workplace wellbeing:


  • Hybrid remote – the possibility of working remotely anywhere in the world
  • Medical insurance – the company offers the services of three insurance companies, each providing two types of insurance policy
  • Benefit cafeteria – a personal benefit constructor that allows all employees to choose exactly what they need
  • Gym, extended insurance, dentistry, car maintenance, psychology services, kindergarten for employees’ children – the list contains more than 15 different benefits to choose from, and the company covers all expenses
  • Education budget – the company helps pay for its specialists’ qualification improvement courses
  • Rewards – regular bonuses, salary revisions and even financial assistance in case of emergency

In addition to these, there are also many other delightful benefits offered:


  • Discounts in establishments and other components of the Parimatch brand ecosystem.
  • English courses.
  • Free webinars.
  • Regular internal educational events.
  • Participation in national and international tech and business conferences.
  • Tickets for recitals, concerts, performances; discounts on tickets for music festivals.
  • Assistance in publishing articles in leading specialized publications and blogs.
  • Regular challenges and contests with valuable prizes.
  • Sports clubs for football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and running. Other sports activities: hiking, rafting and swimming, marathons and many more.
  • Participation in charitable projects to help people in need: visit the elderly – those who have no one to take care of them – help orphans, clean up parks or plant new trees. The list of activities is constantly updated, and the company provides for volunteering hours at the expense of working hours.


There’s still a lot to say about the benefits of working at Parimatch Tech and our wellbeing practices but it’s better to learn more through an interview or feel the company’s culture when working here. Building a career at Parimatch Tech is possible for everyone who loves what they do.

Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Group HR Director, Parimatch Tech