DataArt marks its first year in Cyprus and opens new office in Larnaca

DataArt, a global software engineering firm, is marking its first year in Cyprus, as well as the opening of its new office in Larnaca.

Since first beginning business on the island in May 2022, DataArt’s newest location continues to trend upward, with more than 50 employees.

“As part of our ‘people first’ approach, DataArt intentionally selected Larnaca as the city for our new office, because of its convenience for our employees. Remarkably, 70% of DataArt’s relocated staff have chosen to settle in Larnaca. The city boasts excellent logistical advantages: with its proximity to the airport, Larnaca is easily accessible for business meetings in Nicosia – not to mention, it’s convenient for attending events and leisure activities in Limassol. DataArt remains committed to hiring talents across the island, and is open to establishing offices or coworking spaces in other cities if necessary,” says Ilya Aristov, Head of DataArt Cyprus.

The new DataArt office is located in Larnaca’s prime business center, near the marina and Finikoudes beach, with beautiful views of the sea. Although remote work is permitted within the company, many colleagues prefer working from the office.

The grand opening of the new office was attended by Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, who commented, “In the ever-evolving world of technology and software development, having a global presence is key. For DataArt, a global software outsourcing company, it is crucial to have a presence in Cyprus, a country that is strategically located at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Having an office in Cyprus not only allows DataArt to tap into the local pool of talented IT professionals, it also enables the company to provide better service to its UK and European clients due to the favourable time zone, geographic proximity, and cultural familiarity. Additionally, Cyprus’ business-friendly environment and strong economic ties with the UK make it an excellent choice for expansion and fostering business growth. WIth a presence in Cyprus, DataArt is well-positioned to continue delivering high-quality software solutions to its clients in the UK, Europe, and beyond.”

DataArt is a global software engineering firm headquartered in New York City. We employ over 6,000 professionals in more than 35 locations throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. Our clients include major global brands like Unilever, Priceline, Ocado Technology, and Flutter Entertainment, among others.

An announcement from the company notes that DataArt continues to leverage its expertise and global presence to deliver innovative IT solutions and services to clients worldwide. The company’s expansion into Cyprus further solidifies its commitment to growth and supporting the local business community. Cyprus’s geographical location, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as its highly skilled, multi-lingual workforce, robust legal framework, and business-friendly environment, makes it the ideal investment destination for tech and business, the announcement adds.