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Interview with Head of Amdocs Cyprus Yiannis Tinis

Yiannis Tinis, Head of Amdocs Cyprus, outlines why the multinational technology company chose Limassol as its base on the island and explains why progressing with digitalisation is the only way forward.


What are some of the reasons why Amdocs chose Limassol as its base in Cyprus?

Amdocs Cyprus was established 25 years ago, in September 1997.The main reasons were the country’s proximity to Europe and our European customers, convenient flight connectivity and the country’s infrastructure for tech companies like Amdocs.


More generally, what are some of the benefits of having a presence in Cyprus?

They include the tax benefits available to our expatriate individuals and the welcoming social environment for non-Cypriot employees. Being here also provides us with the opportunity to participate in various EU-initiated or funded programmes which either already exist or are introduced from time to time and which may provide grants, subsidies or other incentives to companies conducting Research and Development activities.


How would you assess the Cyprus government’s new action plan for attracting foreign businesses to establish or expand their activities in Cyprus?

The new strategy to attract international companies and talent in Cyprus has been welcomed by all related enterprises. This will mostly help companies, especially those in the ICT industry, to grow their workforce with expatriate professionals and expand their businesses. This new policy, which includes incentives for individuals related to taxation and the simplification of the work permit process, is definitely taking Cyprus in the right direction to become established as an attractive tech hub for foreign investors.


As companies around the world, including those in Cyprus, embrace digitalisation, what do you consider to be some of the most exciting current trends?

The super-informed users of today need the agility to anticipate their every need with personalised experiences and offers that seamlessly connect with their digital lifestyle. Therefore, they require innovative solutions and world-class experiences, simplified business complexities and a united digital user experience.


People are becoming more tech-savvy but there are also industry efforts underway to make programmes and services more user-friendly. Where do you believe the perfect balance lies?

I strongly believe that progressing with digitalisation is the only way forward. Public services, entertainment and information require constant transformation. As technology progresses, we need in parallel to ensure a seamless digital experience that will improve people’s quality of life.


How do you think the global technological support and services sector, of which Amdocs is such a significant part, will develop over the coming years?

It is my sincere hope that new trends and technologies such as Standalone 5G and the Metaverse will help move us towards a world of ubiquitous connectivity, where technology is used to improve everyday experiences and create ‘wow’ moments for individual consumers and businesses, wherever they may be on the planet.


Can you reveal any of the future plans of Amdocs Cyprus and/or Amdocs?

Amdocs continues to grow and innovate, both in Cyprus and globally. As a whole, Amdocs recently reported record quarterly revenues of $1.15 billion and we want to maintain this positive growth. As well as investing in our successful Cyprus operation, we recently announced the acquisition of a UK company called MYCOM OSI for $188 million and are expanding our presence in high-growth and emerging markets.




Yiannis Tinis Head of Amdocs Cyprus