Art, Culture and Gastronomy

The rich cultural landscape is reflected in the hundreds of archaeological sites and monuments located throughout the island, representing the numerous different historical periods in the island’s evolution. A large number of museums in the towns and villages of Cyprus showcase abroad array of archaeological collections and cultural treasures from different time periods.

Moreover, the island boasts great natural beauty with rare flora and fauna, a stunning coastline with golden sandy beaches, clear blue waters and year-round sunny weather, making it a popular tourist destination. Local and international festivals, concerts by renowned performers, museum nights and other cultural events take place in ancient and modern open-air amphitheatres, museums, archaeological sites and other venues throughout the year, including international independent film festivals, annual classical music festivals and opera festivals.

Cypriots are known worldwide for their genuine and sincere hospitality and friendliness. Like Cypriot culture, Cypriot cuisine is an amalgamation of different influences from Greece, the Mediterranean region and the island’s previous conquerors.

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