George Campanellas - Treasurer

George Campanellas is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency since 2015. A highly motivated, creative and versatile professional with a wide range of technical skills and expertise, he has gained valuable management experience from the various demanding positions he served in the public sector.  

George started his career as an Economist at the Commission for the Protection of Competition in 2002, handling a number of anti-trust and merger cases with National and European dimension and representing Cyprus to various European and International competition networks and forums. In 2008, was assigned to the Ministry of Health where he served as the Head of the Office of the Minister. Since 2013, he has been working with the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism and is amongst others responsible for the coordination of investment and energy affairs.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International and European Economic Studies, a Master’s Degree in Public Sector Management and an MBA in Oil, Gas & Energy Management, all under scholarships. During the span of his 14-year career, he has attended numerous conferences, seminars and in-house training programs, and has participated in various staff exchange programs of the European Commission and other EU member-states.   

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